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I understand that the Contessas built 1983 onward have more head room than their predecessors.  I'm 6'1" - does anybody of similar height find it difficult to stand in the Contessa, 1983+?

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The JJ Taylor boats build after hull #300 were different. They had anchor wells at the bow, and a modified cabin sole that ostensibly provided more headroom, but we're talking 5'9" under the aft end of the hump. I'm 5'9" and I had to stoop everywhere down below. If you're looking for standing headroom, the Contessa is not the best bet. If you're looking for a seaworthy craft that will take care of you in a blow and instill confidence, the Contessa is your girl.

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I think it was Uffa Fox who said:  "If you want to stand up, go on deck."

I often describe my Contessa as a scale model of a larger yacht -- and then on a cold night when the wind is howling and I am settled into one of the quarter-berths with a book, I reminded of how comfortable the boat is.

My suggestion is to find one and ask the owner if you can spend a bit of time aboard learning the boat and whether it 'fits'.  Contessa people love their boats and love to share them.

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I have hull #312 and am about 5'8";  I can stand fully in the galley... as long as I have the hatch open!  There's no other way to stand below decks of a Contessa 26.

My wife is 5'3" and can stand with no problem... Not that it does you or I any good, but she likes to point it out.


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I am 6'7" and my Contessa 26 #320 has standing head room, on deck.

JJT Contessa 26 #320

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5ft.8in.and my wife keeps telling me to walk standing straight...why?but why??? Still... wouldn't trade boats for more standing room. Heard we shrink somewhat growing old....soon have ample head room!!!

...)))) May the wind fill your sails and the sun shine in your face cool