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I'm debating where to keep Eagh Marrey when I eventually bring her here from Nova Scotia.  Should I keep it in Ottawa (15 mins from my house) or down towards Brockville or further west along Lake Ontario.  Any input welcome.

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Keeping her on the Lake will result in a much larger sailing grounds. That said, the Ottawa River has a lot of sailboats on it.

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Look at your past use of the boat -- if you spent most of your time fixing the boat (like I seem to do), or sitting on it after work, position the boat close to home.  If you sailed every weekend for overnight trips and you have a lust for adventure, then position her on Lake Ontario or in the Thousand Islands.  Brockville lies on a narrow part of the river and it is a jog to get to more open water for longer sails.  Kingston would be great but is a relatively long drive from Ottawa.

Also, do not underestimate the drives in Ottawa or the surroundings -- you will contend with traffic depending on your schedule.

Were it me I would consider a compromise -- plan on two to three seasons exploring the upper Ottawa river.  Then, if schedule and logistics permit, shift the boat down closer to Lake Ontario.


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Yeah...that's what I'm thinking.  If I get a trailer I may just keep exploring.  I've always wanted to sail Georgian Bay and the Bras d'or Lakes and they're pretty far apart smile

Not too worried about traffic around Ottawa as I live in the south west, just a few mins from the 416.

Thanks for the good advice, particularly about Brockville.

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Just a thought - if you are in close proximity to the 416 I would consider Iroquois for the winter (a working yard, as in you can work on your own boat....) and somewhere further upriver (Prescott, Brockville, Gan, Kingston) for the summer.  There's more than enough water between Gan and Kingston for great daysailing (far better than the Ottawa) as well as many many places to explore for the (too short) weekends (Cape Vincent, islands, etc) and even more places to get to on an extedned cruise....

Iroquois is nice because its close to work on the boat, and they are fully qeuipped with yard trailer and travel lift so you can almost start the season and return in the fall at just about anytime you want...  Need antoher week on land, take another week on land.....  Not like getting stuck with a crane schedule.....

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When I got morava Bach in 2003 she was in Ottawa and I kept her there for three years. It was a great way to get to know her again but the reality of thinking I could go sailing during the weekdays didn't pan out as much as I would have liked. Plus it can get really crowded there. I then moved her to Kingston and while there is just the weekend the sailing is way better.

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