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Jordan, sounds like quite the adventure.

Your experience of Port Dalhousie is somewhat different than mine, though I haven't been there since back when I had my Contessa. I stayed over the night at Port Dalhousie Pier marina, which is, if I recall correctly, just East of the old canal. While I remember hearing about lots of drunken kids and general shenanigans, I don't remember actually seeing any personally.

It's good you didn't go over to Fifty Point - the channel into the marina has a 90 degree dog leg, and most definitely requires engine power to get through, since it's not that wide for maneuverability.

All in all, though, it does seem like a wonderful adventure. The sort I liked to have (and maybe will have again soon) when I was sailing my Contessa.

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Tea cup adventures keep a little life in me.

The marina, which I didn't visit, is much farther from town...  the west docks of DYC are right on the main strip of town.  Easy access to all the shops but then you have to put up with the drunks, the cars and the bar noise.

Thanks for the heads up on Fifty Point.  So far, I've heard good things about it.  I think we'll still try to get there this summer once I get the engine thing resolved.  Hopefully it's nothing more than a broken impeller.

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When I go sailing with my father on his Hughes 38, Fifty Point is a common destination. We stop by for a bite at their restaurant, a pint of beer, and a bit of a rest, then sail back to Bronte. I highly recommend Fifty Point as a destination. It's quite pretty.