Topic: Fiberglassed Hull to Deck Joint

I just bought the oldest Contessa 26 on the registry (Sail #30).  The joint between the hull and the deck is glassed.  I was surprised by this.  Was this done by J.J. Taylor on the early boats?  Does anyone know?  Just Curious.  Thanks,  Brian

Re: Fiberglassed Hull to Deck Joint

not likely - any early boat i've seen has an vertical flange - deck curved down and outside and hull inside.  riveted and caulked with what was probably butyl tape

i've since glassed over mine ('73 or 74, hull 79)

Re: Fiberglassed Hull to Deck Joint

Hello Stefan,

Thanks for your input.  My boat has that same design for the hull to deck joint.  I looked it up and discovered that it is commonly referred to as a "shoebox" type joint (the other two types of hull to deck joints being 1. inboard flange and 2. outboard flange.