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Hi All,

We met another Contessa on the water today.  Northern Spy II #137 from Port Credit Yacht Club.  We hailed over the open water and told the fellow to check the forums to find our contact information.  I sure hope he does.  It is a pretty little navy blue boat and it looks like it's in great shape.  Lets hope he decides to join our little class association... one more to the ranks?

Does anyone have a contact at PCYC?  Perhaps I should call there and leave a message with our info.

At any rate, Northern Spy II... if you read this message, then Welcome Aboard!!

Vixen, 1983 Contessa 26 #312

Re: Nothern Spy II .... Welcome?

No sign of them yet, but it did bring to mind an idea I had a while ago, which was to print out some cards containing some information about the association and this site that association members can carry. Then when they spot an unknown (to us) Contessa in some far-flung marina or mooring field, we can encourage them to join the association and the forums.

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Hello Jordan, and all,
I am here. I just have not been checking into the forum on a regular basis.  Actually, I have been a member and visitor to since I bought Northern Spy II in 2008.
Also, I am at the Port Credit Harbour Marina, not PCYC.

I remember seeing 'Free n Easy' just offshore of Port Credit earlier this month. That was exciting since I used to sail on her with the previous owner out of Port Credit.

I am interested in getting together with other Contessa owners so please count me in to any future activies.
cheers, Kevin Little

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Re: Nothern Spy II .... Welcome?

Hello Adrian and all,
Kevin is on board.
Welcome Kevin.
Free 'n Easy

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It's too bad Kevin missed our ABYC meet.  That would have been a good introduction.

Anyway, Kevin, glad you've connected now.