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Re: LYRA races for 2013

Joining in the LYRA races is a wonderful idea, but we need to know how many Contessa owners are interested in participating. It would be helpful if interested racers lurking on this list would identify themselves so that plans can be made.

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Oliver, you may wish to follow-up and ask about requirements for joining such a race.  I would imagine that most of us do not have PHRF ratings for our boats and on many long distance races there are very particular safety requirements that must be met.  These may preclude some of us from racing.

It's not so much that the boats may not be capable but the fleshy bits that steer them.

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The ever-efficient Ron Jenkins replied to Jordan's request within the hour. He also sent me a copy of the Notice of Race and a voluminous copy of the picky regs, totalling 650 kbytes. I have asked Adrian to load it onto the forum, if poss. If not, contacrt Ron or me and we will send you a copy.
cheers, Oliver

from Ron:
I will look into the safety requirements involved in the distance races for
LYRA. I know that in the case of the Lake Ontario 300, there are stringent
requirements; I would doubt that LYRA has them to the same degree, but that
is certainly a consideration. I'll start with a look at the sailing and
registration instructions for the LYRA 2010 event, which I know are still
online from that time.

But LYRA is not just distance racing -- there are also 2 or 3 days of
course racing (depending on the fleet's preference). These races are going
to be held around marks off Ontario Place/Humber Bay, and they would not
have difficult safety stipulations.

Without PHRF ratings, and with enough boats for a fleet start in the course
racing, Contessas could race level. I'm sure that within the fleet there
would be quite a range of competitiveness in the boats, and that racing
level would mean that slower boats would inevitably trail behind the faster
boats, but that would probably be a situation not remedied by putting the
boats up against a rating rule in any case. I personally would rather race
level given the chance, and let the chips fall where they may, than have a
rating rule divide a class into separately-rated boats.

The LYRA regatta is designed in a modular fashion, with separate entry fees
for each long distance race, and another for the course racing. The
distance races are envisioned as a Founder's Cup race from Rochester to
Toronto, a Centennial Cup race from Youngstown to Toronto, then two
versions of the Freeman Cup race (long and short) starting and finishing
probably at the Dufferin buoy, then the course racing. Preliminary details
are at, a web site I am currently assembling. Courses will be
most likely ratified at the LYRA AGM, to be held this weekend at the NYC.


  -- Ron Jenkins

Cell: 647-406-1226

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