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Hey all,

I'm looking for recommendations for insurance companies for the boat. I'd prefer someone who doesn't require insurance surveys, though I'm not 100% adverse to them if required.

I only need liability insurance, so the idea of a survey having an impact on that irks me.

Any ideas?

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I use Roberston and Robertson (skippers plan) and the underwriter is Aviva.  2 million liability and an actual cash value policy on an insured value of 15 000 for my contessa is 230 and change per year.  Loss of use, electronics to 1000, personal property to (i think) 1 000.  Etc etc.  No survey was required.  They just wanted to see photos of the vessel out of the water before coverage could begin.  All claims are settled at depreciated value (ie current market value of the boat or damaged equipment)

Survey was required if I wanted an agreed value policy (ie payout in a loss would be actual replacement cost - which can be somewhat difficult to determine in the case of our older boats that they don't make anymore, coupled with the wide ranging states/conditions of the boats that are out there)

Not being the type to make an insurance claim for every single little thing that ever happens that in actuality is one's own fault, this coverage suits just fine....

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Interesting... Based upon your rate Stefan, I think I am being soaked by my insurer.  Paid nearly double that for less coverage -- PLUS required a survey. 

Bill already paid for this year -- will definitely shop around at the end of this season. 

Damned rogues and scallywags!

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