Topic: Thru deck electrical connections

Just wondering what the masses are using to make electrical and coax connections at the mast?

I have a hinged mast step so running thru a hole directly beneath the mast is out of the question

I'm looking for a suitable 6 pin thru deck connector, as I take the mast down for winter

Last few seasons I've been using a cable clam with the bundle of wires shrinkwrapped together and then a little 3m 4000 to seal the irregularities (with all connections made belowdecks).  It works,  but this looks a bit like the dog's breakfast and I'd like to tidy it up and make 100% serviceable instead of gooping up every spring.  I'll still use a clam and make the coax connection belowdecks, where it's nice and dry, but would like to keep electrical connections to a suitable thru deck connector

Re: Thru deck electrical connections

Any boat chandler will have coax and pin connectors that attach to the deck. Victory is a cheap and serviceable brand that you can get anywhere. The pin connectors come with two, four and maybe six connectors. They are waterproof. If you don't like them, trailer plugs are cheap and cheerful.