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Hi All,

I'm considering buying a battery charger.  However, my last reserve is that I don't know where I can mount it safely.  The only option I can see, at this point, is to mount it in the starboard berth locker.  But I think that may interfere with items that I need to store there... tools, long-handled items etc.

My question to you is, "If you have a battery charger onboard, then where do you have it mounted?"

Re: Mounting battery charger?

George Gurr has a very sophisticated, very neat charging system on his Contessa. The guts are mounted on the aft wall of the head.
It's worth a look.
cheers, bertinol

Re: Mounting battery charger?

Thanks Oliver.

I doubt my wife will allow it to be mounted externally in the head.  It will likely need to go in one of the lockers.  I suppose I could mount it in the v-berth lockers...  but that would be some interesting cabling back to the batteries.

Re: Mounting battery charger?

Mine is in the dead space beneath the winches on my boat.  Access is from the footwells of the quarter berths.  To install the charger along with an inverter, I used 4200 to glue a strip of pine 1x2 longitudinally, and then screwed the two devices to it.  Access for the work is easy, lying on one's back facing upward with one's head in the quarterberth footwell.  It is a tidy and dry solution, and uses dead space in the boat instead of part of a storage locker.

Good luck!


Re: Mounting battery charger?

That's an awesome idea.  I'll see if I can make it work.