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Hey all,

I just came to the startling realization that it's been more than six years since I took over this site. I am so happy it continues to be the go-to resource for Contessa 26 owners on the web. We have you to thank for that.

I'd love to start posting a series of articles about a refurbishment of a Contessa 26. If anyone's contemplating such a refit, please let me know.

On a sad note, is also means that it's been 5.5 years since I sold my Contessa 26 and moved to a (subsequently lost to me) Alberg 29. I still don't have a boat, though I hope to remedy that at some point in the future.

A Contessa 26 is definitely in the running, though only one of the post-1983 versions. Other boats in the running include the capable Nor'Sea 27 and the Dana 24. I really want to stick with a boat that has simple systems (though I admit that standing headroom would be nice). One thing I realized owning the Alberg 29 is that I'm far happier with a smaller yacht.

Anyway, thank you to all of you for making this forum worth keeping online. Your knowledge and dedication has been of inestimable value to the Contessa 26 community the world around.


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Thanks for all of the work, these past 6 years. I find myself here often, if for no other reason than to browse old threads to learn something new.  Reality is, this website is about the only site I know of that is a  full collection of knowledge relating to our "little" boats, so please keep up the good work.

As to a a refurbishment project. I am far from that , but my boat is out for the season. A new barrier coat(osmosis is creeping in), Repairing rotten core on the side decks, painting the deck tip to stern  and few other projects are on the list. To be completed by seasons end.  If there is interest I can post more. Keeping in mind I am a novice, making it up as I go along.


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There's totally interest. Pictures, a write-up, anything! It's even better that you're a novice - we can all learn together. I suspect you'd get a lot of great advice from the members on this board.

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Adrian, as always thanks for your continued work on the site. I think next year is the year that morava will have a lot of work done on her. I will send pictures for sure.

Ivan Ross "Morava" #266

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Looking forward to it Ivan!

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I trust you've seen this one:

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Absolutely Jordan. I actually posted a thread about that restoration not too long ago. Excellent work, but then again, Tim's work is always top-shelf.

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Hello Adrian.  A while ago I sent in particulars of my Contessa for addition to the registry.  She is a 1975 build with sail number 122.  She is registered as Growler out of Halifax, and moored in Mahone Bay NS.  Interestingly, the class captain of the contessa 26 association in England has renamed his boat the Growler.