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Hey, I think this is my first post in the forum, but I've been lurking for a bit. Lots of great info here, thanks.

I recently purchased a Contessa 26 that has what I believe to be something like a 150% genoa. I've tried flying it with the sheets led both inboard and outboard of the shrouds, but haven't really come to a conclusion as to which is more optimal. It seems that with sheets outboard of the shrouds, I can more efficiently trim the genoa but dousing is a lot more work.

What say you, forum?

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Outboard of the shrouds only. 

Good luck.

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Outboard, with sheets going as far back as the pulpit.
When dropping sails, head into the wind and bring the clew inboard. That cuts the chance of the sail getting wet. 
I use a downhaul on the forestay when sailing solo. That makes life easier - and safer -  in rough seas.

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I've tried a downhaul like this:

It worked OK but the line got fouled a bunch. Pretty annoying sad