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I'd go with the 16A or 16C although the size 14 would probably be fine. I'd prefer the two speed 16A or C non-self-tailing.

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Thanks for the info,
someone was telling me that the 5 inches base, 30c selftailing?
My contessa is a JRogers build 1968.
i already have a couple of 16 two speeds, for the two smaller winches, i feel that the suggestion of 30  are a bit big?
Thanks again

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Hi Octavio;

I have two beautiful Lewmar 16ST (self tailers) for the Genoa winches...they are awesome. I will replace my coachroof ones with the same when I need to.

Anything else might be a tad oversized...and you will need heavier supports.

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Could someone advise me on the size of self tailing lewmar winches i should get to replace the old Tuffnell "original winches from 1968, please.
Thank you