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Saw this video link over at sailnet and thought people here might be interested. A folkboat owner does a walk thru on her boat, and a lovely boat it is!!


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Absolutely gorgeous. If only they had designed the Contessa with a bridge deck and sliding companionway like the Folkboat she's based on. Seems to me that would be even more seaworthy than the bubble and lack of bridge deck.

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Sliding hatches are great - till they leak!
If you have one with a hatch garage that has small drainholes, you soon learn to carry a pack of pipecleaners for cleaning them out.

Our keyhole hatch and hump is actually quite a bit stronger and far more resistant to damage if the deck is swept by a breaking wave.

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Great video.......thanks for the link.

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While I haven't done any offshore work, the hatches on neither my Alberg 29 nor my Kittiwake 23 leak.

And the folkboat, considered a very seaworthy design, has a sliding hatch. I still think it's the number one flaw of the Contessa 26.