Topic: Mainsail tack attachment

I'm planning on just attaching the tack of my main to the boom with a short piece of 1/4 inch rope and square not.
I'm also planning on using this same loop on the boom to tie in my reefs and using the bale on the top of the gooseneck to attach the Cunningham.
I was wondering if any of you veterans out there see any problems with "my plan" for this rigging?



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Re: Mainsail tack attachment

Make sure you are not going to pull the pin out with the cunningham. Some just have a cotter pin on the bottom. On mine, the hole in the pin is enlarged and a clevis goes through it.
Rather than use the same loop for reefing, attach one end of another short rope to the hole in the neck and use it to reef. It is always there attached to the boom and when you remove the reef the original tack loop is already there still in place and correctly adjusted. I have three ropes. As I take out each reef the previous reef is still in place and ready to go.

Re: Mainsail tack attachment

Once again.........very helpful........thanks much!