Topic: UK Call for CO26 owners - URGENT

Contessa 26 50th Anniversary Book

As many of you know we are producing a book to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Contessa 26 in 2106.  The contents of the book have now been agreed and set up and there is no possibility of any further copy; however we have decided to produce an appendix listing all the members and where applicable the names of their boats. We are lacking photographs of boats and need some interesting and high resolution photographs.

The appendix will also include a few lines about anything significant the owner has achieved e.g " sailed round Britain in 1977 and 5th in Round the Island Race in 1990”   -  but it can only be two or three lines otherwise we will end up writing another book and apart from anything else we have not the budget to meet the extra cost!! If you no longer own a boat then please let us know the name of the one you owned and for how long so we can also include this in the appendix.

As always we need this information fairly quickly and certainly not later than two weeks after you have received this email.

In summary therefore we would like a short synopsis of any major achievements; any high resolution photos you may have of your boat and for those who no longer own a Contessa but have in the past, the name of the boat and dates of ownership.

Please email this information to me at  Many thanks.

Also just a reminder that there AGM is on Saturday 15 November when the arrangements for the Anniversary will be finalised so it would be nice to see you the there and get your input. Details are on the website