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Maybe I'm too wordy, or maybe I dawdle when I'm thinking about boat stuff, but there have been times when I've written an entry, gotten it just so, then clicked to submit my entry and been told that I can't access the website - I've been logged out!  Ack!  There goes an hour of my life I won't get back.  Is there a time limit to be on here?  Or am I doing something wrong?  It's not like the screen is sitting there inactive and unattented - I'm typing or fixing spelling or re-reading to check for coherence (something I have to check for once in a while....).  So why is it booting me off?

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Not uncommon on many forums.   If you have written a long reply, its always a good idea to select all and ctrl-C (copy) before hitting the submit button.  If its complex with a lot of images etc. you may also want to open another tab or window and check you are still logged in before submitting.

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You are a clever monkey, aren't you?  Can I put you on speed dial?