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There is an article in the vancouver sun that contact has been lost with Rui . I believe he is a member here . If anyone can offer some information. Sorry I could not post a link

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Good luck, Rui!


Sailor missing after leaving Vancouver, failing to return

The Canadian Press
November 23, 2014 01:44 PM

Missing sailor Rui Yamamoto, 31, is shown in a Vancouver Police handout photo.

VANCOUVER - A 31-year-old man is missing after leaving Vancouver on a sailboat and failing to return as expected.

Police say Rui Yamamoto was last seen on Nov. 9, when he left Vancouver on a solo sailing trip aboard an eight-metre Contessa boat named the Skibo.

He was believed to be heading to the Sunshine Coast community of Gibsons and to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island.

He was expected to return after six days, but police say he has not been at work or had any contact with friends.

Police are asking mariners to be on the looking for the missing man and his sailboat.

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Re: Rui Yamamoto and "Skibo" missing

Re: Rui Yamamoto and "Skibo" missing


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