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Topic: Contessas do extremely well in British Round the Island race

The Contessa 26 did extremely well in the British Round the Island Race on June 27, both on overall and corrected time.  Jiminy Cricket finished 13th out of 500 IRC boats with an overall time of 9 hours 12 min (corrected to 7 hr 2 min) for the 50-mile course around the Isle of Wight off Britain’s south coast.  She led boats of all sizes and shapes in a race with 1,600 competitors and 16,000 skippers and crew, making it one of the biggest sporting events in the world.

There were 11 Contessas in the race and nine finishers.  One Contessa, Grayling, sustained a collision at the starting line and did not start.  The winning IRC boat was a 1939 Laurent Giles classic named Whooper, which finished in 7:13 overall (6:40 corrected).  Two Folkboats came in second and third with overall times of 8:31 and 8:32 (corrected to 6:42 and 6:50) followed a little later by Jiminy Cricket at 7:02 (corrected).

Five Contessas came in with overall times of less than 10 hours, giving them average speeds of more than 5 knots.  Not bad, eh?  Of course, some of the modern multihulls came in with a total time of 3:30 or so, giving them an average speed of more than 15 knots. But we won't talk about them, will we? If you must include them in the standings, the lead Contessa finished in 833rd place, halfway down the fleet. Still not bad for a 50-year-old full-displacement, seaworthy craft with four bunks, a stove and a beer cooler.

from Fiona Rogers, designer of the Contessa.  She sails a gorgeous Co26 named Grayling out of Lymington, just west of Southampton.  Her husband, Jeremy, has won the race four times.

“Sadly Grayling was in a collision on the start line, so she had to retire.  Bloodied nose, but repairable and no one hurt, so not the end of the world, but Jeremy had hoped for a fourth overall win and a chance to hold the Gold Roman Bowl again.

“Mike and Barbara Harrison with Jiminy Cricket were a very good 13th overall, which means they'll take the Jeremy Rogers Trophy, and Chris Charlesworth with Meow came 31st out of the 1600 starters. 

“Last year's winner, a very well sailed Folkboat called Madelaine, was second overall, and a 1938 Laurent Giles classic, Whooper, won for the second time in eleven years.  All the usual suspects! Lots more 26s and 32s further back in the fleet. 

“A great day out though, and a fabulous spectacle.”

For full results see: http://www.roundtheisland.org.uk