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Topic: Rudder Layup Schedule

I have the original documentation that came with my 1984 JJT C 26 from the factory.  It includes the layup schedules for the various parts of the boat.  The layup schedule for the rudder is as follows;

Spray - Gel Coat
Skin Coat - Chop Strand Mat  One Application @ 1.5 OZ/SQ'
Layup - Fabmat 18-05  Three Applications @ 2.5 OZ/SQ'
Continued Layup - Chop Strand Mat - One Application @ 1.5 OZ/SQ'
Stiffener - Coremat 4 MM
Finish Layer - Chop Strand Mat  One Application @1.5 OZ/SQ'
Imbed Pintles - Solid Chops
Filler - Q Cell

This explains the weight and stiffness of our late-production JJT rudders and it confirms that all three pintles are stoutly imbedded in solid fiberglass.

The "wobbly pin" that is found on the lower pintle is simply a bolt that is inserted into the lower pintle from above and then glassed into place.

The good news is that the lower pintle is imbedded in solid fiberglass so the "wobbly pin" can easily be removed and replaced with a removable pin.


JJT Contessa 26 #320