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For those of you with the bigger JJ Taylor cockpits, what is the length and width of the benches?  (additional dimensions are also appreciated)

This might be a silly question. Even in SE Alaska, where the mosquitos are as big as humming birds, I liked to sleep in the cockpit when anchored. BUT, I also feel smaller cockpits are much safer. My family has always been fans of the Co26 and 32.  I am looking to buy a co26 or norsea or similar trailerable boat in the next few months.  The answer to the above is not high on the list of important qualities but it does help guide my decision. Thanks in advance for the help.

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I can't answer the dimensions question but I can comment on mosquitos.  A few anchorage in Nova Scotia also have bad mosquitos (though i expect Alaskan mosquitos are like the ones I experienced in the Yukon and NWT - almost apocalyptic.)  I found lighting two raid coils and putting them on the bow   (on a piece of scrap wood) works really well.  The boat hangs off the anchor or mooring bow to wind so the smoke from the raid coils flows past the cockpit.  It usually doesn't come in to the cockpit much but seems to hover around keeping the mosquitos at bay.

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Hi Cadmus,

I would have to get to the boat to measure the cockpit... the benches are quite long, I would guess at least 6' 6"+ long.  Maybe even 7 feet.  But they are also narrow.  I'm a thin guy and have slept many an afternoon on them, but probably wouldn't spend a night out there.  Having said that, it would be easy enough to make a central plank to turn the whole thing into a big sleeping space.

The UK cockpits are smaller...

I think that if you have repeated breaking waves into the cockpit, you likely have some big issues on your hands.  The drains are fairly large, but not much is going to satisfy big breaking waves  over the stern.  I don't know what it's like to sail in Alaska but we haven't shipped more than spray into our cockpit while sailing.  I've been out in 50+knots (unintentionally) where the short steep waves on Lake Erie were about 12-15' and we didn't take any water.  But they also weren't breaking.

Finally... When you sail "trailerable"... uhm... the Contessa is technically trailerable, but not easily.  I would think you'd need a crane to get it on/off the trailer and not just a boat launch.  If you're only doing this once per season launch/haulout then you're fine, but just don't consider it like a MacGregor or something.

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Thanks for the replies you two. 
The raid coils is a good idea.
I am so glad to hear it is a >6'6" bench. I am 6'2".  Yes I would need to macgyver a solution to the narrow width. 
YES, those big JJ cockpits are a huge liability and I am debating if i will increase drainage or decrease the opening if i go with a co26. 
I realize you need to use a crane or do a tide launching. This is true with all the boats I am considering. 

Now does anyone have a solution to the headroom issue... hehehehe...  I wont hold my breath. 

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I'm not sure if "huge" liability is the correct assumption... after all, an 18 year old girl managed to sail one of them around the world without killing herself.  I've never heard of anyone being 'pooped' to the point of destruction.  After 50 years, you'd think we'd hear about it?

The headroom issue, yes, I managed to get around that one.  My Contessa has plenty of headroom for even folks taller than you.  Merely step up out of the companion way into the cockpit and you've got all the headroom you desire!  big_smile

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it is a huge cockpit.  It is a liability.  But I agree that it is not a huge liability. 

I think there are many more telling examples of why co26s are safe than Tania Aebi's trip.

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I love a cockpit you can sleep in on a hot day, or fit more than three people for a drink or picnic.

As for headroom: if you want to stand up, go buy a canoe!

Seriously, I always wear a hat down below. That way I don't bang my head.