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Hi All,

I'm still running the original Farymann engine, and it's working great but I use it very very little in a season - maybe 2 hours or less of run time.  Every fall, I check the impeller and invariably the impeller has a cracked fin.  I always replace it with the same type & model that was in the water pump when I first bought the boat:
Johnson 808 B-1  (about 1 5/8" in diameter)

I'm tired of replacing the impeller all the time.  Am I using the wrong size, or is it through not enough use that is causing the failure of the impeller?

If someone else is preparing their bought for launch, would you please take a look at your impeller and let me know what size/make/model you are using?


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Re: Farymann Impeller

* correction.  After looking up the part number, it's actually 1 9/16"