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Topic: Canvas berths V Hard berths - Should I change

Iv'e recently taken onboard a 1968 Contessa 26 which Im loving and despite saying I was determined to not tinker with it and told myself that this time round I would spend more time sailing my boat rather than working on it, well  Im certainly failing in that mission but still smiling :-)

My current berthing set up has the stretched bunk base and lee cloth system which Im liking for its ease of gaining access to storage under the bunks but Im guessing that material will stretch over time making for an uncomfortable nights sleep. Im keen to hear other owners thoughts on the subject and see any modifications that people have made.  Iv'e seen this cheap boat Ikea hack which look s interesting and comfy. 
http://www.pbo.co.uk/expert-advice/six- … boat-43332

Re: Canvas berths V Hard berths - Should I change

I prefer Canvas tbh.