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For sale is the cast aluminum Stemhead from my Contessa Sailboat.  There is nothing wrong with this fitting.  It is actually in excellent condition and did not need to be replaced.  I only replaced it with a new stainless fitting because I was wanting to have an anchor mount/bow roller on the bow.  Ironically, I didn’t end up getting the anchor mount after I discovered that the new fitting was poorly designed by its manufacturer and the anchor mount portion needed to be essentially “cut off” in order to create a safer design.  I did get a bow roller out of the new fitting after I re-designed it myself which I imagine may come in handy when I’m on a chain rode.  However, it really wasn’t worth the $1000 price tag.  The whole re-fit of my boat went pretty smoothly, overall……this stemmed debacle was the only major thing that “went wrong.”  I regret having replaced the original cast aluminum stemhead, but now that I have…….I now have it for sale.  Buyer will specify how they want this item shipped and will pay for actual shipping cost (and insurance if the buyer is unwilling to assume the risk of loss or damage during transit).  My price for this stemhead is $260 OBO.  Thank you for reading my posting.

If interested in purchase, you may contact:  Brian  660-864-1058

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Re: Stemhead for Contessa Sailboat

I've got more photos of the back side, under side, etc.  If interested, feel free to contact me and I'll e-mail them to you.