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Topic: 3 HANK-ON JIBS still for sale......Now 10% less $$

3 HANK-ON HEADSAILS still left for sale.  For Contessa 26 (Canadian Built J.J. Taylor Contessa 26 with taller mast than the British version).  I am offering to sell these sails because I have decided to switch over to a roller headsail for ease of handling because I sail mostly singlehanded.  Each sail comes with its own sail storage bag.

150% Genoa in Very Good Condition and manufactured by Storer Sails in Barrie Ontario, Canada with dimensions: Luff 31’ 0”; Leech 30’ 2”; Foot 16’ 4 1/2”.  There are 9 #2 Murray Brand “Swedish Style” Hanks on the Luff of this sail.   This sail was used the most and is in Very Good Condition.  $385

80% Jib in Excellent condition and manufactured by Lee Sails in London, Ontario, Canada with dimensions: Luff 25’ 2”; Leech 21’ 2”; Foot 12’.  There are 10 #2 Wichard Brand Hanks on the Luff of this sail.  This sail was used some.  $275

Storm Jib in New Condition and manufactured by Storer Sails in Barrie, Ontario, Canada with dimensions: Luff 20’; Leech 16’; Foot 7’ 4”.  There are 7 #2 Murray Brand “Swedish Style” Hanks on the Luff of this sail.  This sail is very high quality with a cable reinforced luff and leather sewed around the head and foot to prevent chafe.  This sail looks like it may have been used once.  $240

In an effort to know how to price these sails, I have gotten recent price quotes for comparable new sails from reputable manufacturers.  These price quotes for new sails were as follows: 150% $769; 80% $553; Storm $486.  Now, FIFTY percent of the new price for sails that are in the condition that these sails are in seems like a very good price for you and so that is how I arrived at the prices you see listed above.  I am also offering a money back guarantee:  If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply send the sail(s) back within 1 week of receipt and I will refund your money in full (they are very high quality sails in excellent condition and it is very unlikely that you will be unsatisfied with your purchase).  Sails will be shipped from Warrensburg Missouri and shipped to anywhere within the United States.  Buyer is responsible for the actual shipping costs (and insurance if you do not wish to assume the risk of the sails being damaged in transit).  Feel free to e-mail me if you would like photos....the server wouldn't allow me to upload photos from my iPhone because the files were too large.
Thank you for reading my posting.
If interested, contact:  Brian  bnold5000@gmail.com  660-864-1058

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Re: 3 HANK-ON JIBS still for sale......Now 10% less $$

Hi Brian,
If you do a search on this website re: storm jibs, or just scroll back through the sails section, you'll find a thread about the indisputable value of storm jibs.  Do not sell your storm jib (if it's not too late!).  It may be the sail that lets you save your boat some day, or get through the blow you think you won't get caught in.  You can hoist it without a stay if it has a wire luff, or have a sail maker put webbing straps with snaps on it so it can go around your rolled headsail, but keep it handy.  Roller furled headsails are not suitable for use in very high winds.  Having said all that, is the 80% still available? I'd be quite interested in that one.  If you're insisting on selling the storm jib, I may take it as a back-up to the one I have, and use, now.

I'm out of Canada right now but I assume from your notes that you live in Ontario so somewhat close to me when I'm there.  Also, you should know that I'm not on line very often so this could be a slow conversation!

Re: 3 HANK-ON JIBS still for sale......Now 10% less $$

Hi Deb,

Sorry about the tardy response.....I haven't been on this sight in a very long time.  I'll check back more frequently from now on.  Your ideas about the storm sail are very interesting, however, I have already sold it.  All I have left is the 80% and the 150%.  I am located in Missouri, USA.......and happy to send to Canada if you would like.  Thanks!

Re: 3 HANK-ON JIBS still for sale......Now 10% less $$

Hi Everyone,
I just wanted to let you know that all sails have been sold.  Thanks for all the interest.