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Topic: CO26 door for head

The door to my head was removed by a previous owner and lost.  Anyone who might know where I can get one, please let me know.
If someone can provide me with the measurements, I may try building one out of some teak for the rails and stiles and marine ply for the center panels; my best estimate is 48" high x 22"" wide.

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Re: CO26 door for head

You can measure my door if you like, before I put the tarp on.
I'm in Toronto at the NYC.
cheers, bertinol

Re: CO26 door for head

Thanks, but that's a bit of a drive.  I'm in South Jersey.

Re: CO26 door for head

I have a love-hate relationship with the head door on my boat.  Mine is a simple flat door which makes passing it, or even having it clear one's knees when sitting in the v-berth is a challenge.  More recent boats changed to a bi-fold design which would help a lot.   A good curtain might offer sufficient privacy and be much easier to live with.