Topic: Leak from Starboard Deck

Remove hardware.  Dig out any olod calking.  Wash with acetone. Re-goop with Sikaflex #291.

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Yup, Ivan, I did the exact thing Merrill said, but I have not taken the chainplates out yet...I used my Dremel tool and totally cleaned out the caulking that was there around the plates...and you'll then be able to see down right into the boat...clean from the inside too...acetone is great as it chases water away too that may be hanging around. 
I had the same leak, and it stopped after that.
By the way, I will be doing mine every year.  Better to spend a couple of hours to save lots of water from trickling in full time!
Plus, everyone always wants to "help" me dock (I sail solo) and they always grab the shrouds!  I had to yell at some huge firemen "No thanks!" who were wanting to pull the boat in by her shrouds!  I got surprised looks from everyone but that's the way it goes!  ;-)

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I believe I have a simple question:  I have a leak coming from the Starboard side into the head and ice chest, I understand that the common culprit is usually the stanchions or the shrouds o both - so what would you use to seal these leaks, unscrew the plates and re-bed them but what type of material would be used?  As for process any suggestions?



Ivan Ross "Morava" #266