Topic: Diesel Air Heater

Good day all!

I recently began paying attention to the shopping apps on my phone and noted that diesel air heaters have come down in price.  The video link here discusses the same.

I am looking for opinions or experience with these things, particularly in connection with the Contessa 26. 

I have already installed a very nice electric wall heater at the base of the hanging locker -- it does a very good job warming up the boat when on shore power.  My inverter will also drive it with the limitation being the usual battery capacity.

Christmas is coming and I am thinking about purchasing one of these.  (Yet more crap for my poor Contessa!)

In addition to the cabin, I thought it might be fun to rig an outlet into the cockpit so that one can warm one's hands on a cold day.  Warmth is a high priority for my long-suffering spouse.  :-)

Where to mount remains a question?  The engine compartment makes the most sense to me, pushed up in the dead area between the aft edge of the compartment cover and the forward end of the lazarette.  An alternative would be beneath the cockpit seats on the port side, between the hull and the manual bilge pump.  It is another dead area on the boat.  Access to either location for maintenance is not perfect;  however it is a boat, and it seems that, by definition, access is always difficult.

Thanks all!


Re: Diesel Air Heater

Christopher- I have also considered installing one of these.  The cheap eBay ones (<$200) have received good reviews on YouTube.  My thought was to mount the smaller version at the bottom of the wet locker pointed aft and have the heat duct run aft through the bulkhead and make a left turn to blow warm air into the cabin from a vent under the sink.  It might be a long run for the heat duct to get to the cockpit, but I believe it should still work, though the larger version would be in order for that job.  The muffler and exhaust pipe for the diesel exhaust could go straight up through the cabin roof and would be hidden by the wet locker face. The heater fuel tank could be mounted in a variety of areas such as the above the heater in the wet locker, under the sink or in the V-berth.  My plan was to get a smaller tank and just refill it as necessary.
Of course all of this is speculative and if I do go this route, there would likely be modifications to this plan.