Topic: Contessa 26 history


I have a contessa 26 which I bought locally (Isle of Lewis). Unfortunately, I didn't get any history with the boat and have been struggling to find out more about her. Hopefully, someone will have some information or will be able to point me in the right direction. The details I have about the yacht are:

- Name: Friska III
- Registered in Port of Dinorwick, Chester
- Built by Maclan Marine, Lymington
- Hull number: Sou 0297/78 MM306
- Sail number: 306

Would be very grateful if anyone has any information or knows someone that might.

Daniel Maciver

Re: Contessa 26 history

Hey Daniel. Welcome to the forum. I am certain that you shall find useful information as we all have. Coincidentally I have nu.305 but of the canadian production. For your specific question, if you do not get an answer here you might have better luck with the european forum  Greetings,Guy

...)))) May the wind fill your sails and the sun shine in your face cool