Topic: Douglas 31 for sale

I stepped up from my lovely little Contessa to a Douglas 31 but I'm finding it's a bit more boat than I want so I'm going back to my beloved Virago (never sold her...).  The Douglas is a 1981 built by J&C Fibrecrafts in Orillia, Ontario, Canada.  She is the big sister to a JJT Contessa with similar hull shape and 10 opening ports etc. She has a lovely all teak interior. 

I bought her from the original owners that had her custom built.  The boat was well cared for but suffered from some neglect as the owners aged and I've been catching up with her care. The Palmer Marine gas engine is a marinized International Cub tractor engine with parts with parts available through auto parts and tractor supply retailers. It has been completely reworked and runs smoothly and reliably. I replaced and/or rebedded all the through hull fittings and sea cocks, and most of the deck fittings. Rebuilt the engine water pump, replaced the exhaust, serviced the carb. I also took the steering apart to clean and lubricate it.  I put in a new foot operated galley water pump.  The head works fine.  The sails are original I think but set well and still have life in them.  There is a new furler that came with it but I didn't use it, being a hank-on gal.  Anyway, if you're interested contact me via my email as I am rarely on this site anymore.  Actually, I'm rarely online....  Selkie Lass would be a good boat for a Contessa fan looking for a bit more boat.  $19,500. Canadian dollars.  The boat is on Georgian Bay, in Ontario.