To be held on November 1st at 7:00PM in the Chartroom at the National Yacht Club.

It is still just a few months since we started this fledging association of Contessa-loving folk. So far there are 18 boats on our list and we know there are many more in our area. This summer we didn’t do too badly, with gatherings at the National and at Ashbridges and several meetings. For Lesley and me, it has been a wonderful opportunity to make new friends and to tap into a large collective resource about our boats.

The end of this year’s sailing season seems like a good time to be thinking about what we would like to be doing next summer before our schedules are filled up with other events. There is also a chance to have a series of winter meetings/lectures on chosen topics. There are still a number of old-timers around that helped to build our boats who I’m sure would be interested to talk with us.

Also, after a successful start it might be a good time to talk about how we would like to continue with this association. Up until now, I have been acting as the recording secretary and the communicator, but soon, Lesley and I will be leaving for most of the winter, so perhaps someone else could take that on. At a bare minimum, as an association we need a recording secretary and someone to look after getting people together.

(The Great Lakes Alberg Association goes further with a Commodore; Cruising director; Racing director; secretary; treasurer; newsletter and website coordinator, etc. I don’t know whether you want to go this far, but it is worth thinking about where we would like to take this into the future. They also publish a useful list of members.)

Please let me know if you will be attending so that we can make sure there are enough chairs.

I hope to see you all on Nov 01

John (

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