R.I.P Alan Nye Scott

It is my unhappy task to relay to you an email I received today from Steve Davies:

On July 13th Alan Nye Scott, builder of our wonderful boat, passed away as a result of injuries sustained in an accident in his vehicle at a railway crossing in Belleville. I’m told he was 87 years of age.

I was not a close friend of Alan, but I would see him now and then not only around “sailing circles”, but sometimes just bump in to him at Canadian Tire on a saturday morning. He was always friendly and asking about “the vessel” and how things were going making sure I was keeping her in shape. He actually contacted me recently when he saw an issue with some rudder / keel repairs that I was working on. He kindly offered advice and it was a great help. I’m sure judging by his friendly nature and all the wonderful sailing associations he had that he lived a rich life full of wonderful family and friends. He leaves behind a great legacy of all the fantastic boats that he built. He had recently acquired a 29 of his own and was making plans to whip her into shape and to his liking and enjoy some sailing. Sadly that didn’t happen for him, but he was doing what he loved right up to the end… I heard him say once in conversation something to the effect of “I just can’t seem to stay away from messing about with boats”

Steve Davies
Restless V , Alberg 29 Hull #1

In addition to being the man responsible for commissioning the Alberg 29 (and very rare Alberg 34), Alan Nye Scott was president of J.J Taylor, the company responsible for all the Canadian-made Contessa 26s and Contessa 32s. The Contessa family, the Alberg family, and the sailing world at large has lost a legend.

The Belleville Intelligencer has more information: