The New Contessa Corner!

This site owes its existence to the Pocket Cruisers website, a site it was originally part of. When the administrator of that site did the unthinkable and sold his Contessa, (for headroom it’s rumored!) it seemed only a matter of time before he let the Contessa Corner go as well.

So here we are. The Contessa 26 forum has been moved over to a whole new system, which should serve us well. Coming shortly is a reorganization of all the original materials from the Contessa Corner, in order to allow us to find the information more easily. Also in the works is a gallery, to allow us to more easily upload and share images.

Hopefully the new system works as well as everyone expects, and provide us Contessans with a place to learn, store and share information about our beloved little yachts.

The site is still in flux, as new features and pages are added. Things might move, but always to the place they should be!