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2005 Contessa 26 Rendezvous - Western Canada

The 2nd Annual Contessa Sailboat Rendezvous took place at Union Steamship Marina, Bowen Island, September 17, 2005. This year saw a 50% increase in boats from last year….from four to six! We had three 32s and three 26s all in one specially reserved area of the marina, thank you USM! More boats were expected – there were over ten regrets dues to schedules and engines, (some were likely watching to see if the rendezvous would indeed survive its inauguration!) Numerous additional Contessas have promised to attend next year – now it’s in writing! One couple’s “excuse” for not attending was a good one: on their way to last year’s rendezvous, he proposed to her as they rounded Point Atkinson, and they are currently on their honeymoon!

It turns out that every Contessa owner also knows someone who owned or owns a Contessa! And, it’s been discovered that the boats are usually bought and sold within the current circle of Contessa owners and past owners.

Contessas are also very popular in Britain, and a good number of UK ex-pats own Contessas. Are the stories told with British accents funnier? Or is it the British in the sailor that gets those stories started in the first place?!

Once the storytelling was over, some of us who were previously atheist realized, yes, there is a God, and he is a sailor!

After a great dinner at Doc Morgan’s, the big draw over on one of the 32s was not the really the gracious hospitality but the Espar heat!

Being the last boat to leave has an advantage – the lack of an audience makes it much easier to maneuver to starboard in reverse!

The 2006 Contessa Sailboat Rendezvous promises to be even bigger and better than this year!”

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