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2004 Contessa 26 Rendezvous - Western Canada

The greatest four-boat rendezvous of the year was held September 18th & 19th, 2004 at Union Steamship Marina, Bowen Island, B.C., (an island just off the west coast of Vancouver, B.C.)

Contessa 26 Boats attending were the Hill family’s 1985 “THE POINT”, the MacLeods on 1979 “KATE”, Shannon Rae on 1985 “RHIANNON”, and Jobe & Kathrin Groot on 1981 “AVENTURA”. Ben Wilson is in Vancouver from Scotland, and his 1971 Rogers Contessa “EILEAN MOR” is on mooring in Scotland!

As you can see, the dock layout was a little awkward for a “groop” picture! One boat left early and was stern-to, against a piling with a powerboat on their port side so you’ll know it wasn’t me and my inability to centre a picture, it was the docks. Plus, as ou are all well aware, our boats do not sit proud against many of the high docks I am discovering in my travels on the Pacific Northwest Coast!

We all got to talk Contessa 26s for 24 hours straight! Some great stories, many good ideas and installations on each boat, and all great people! It’ll be an annual event, and all sizes of Contessas from anywhere are invited next year! If you are able to make it, contact ShannonRae AT

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