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I see it now. Apologies.


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email. what email?

Sorry to say that the guest slip at Philipse Manor has been rented out for the season. You may be able to anchor for the night near us. Or stop in at Peterson's across the river or a little further South at Piermont.


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Thanks, Adrian. I'm having trouble putting together a deal and I think I'm going to give up and buy a U.S.A.-made Cape Dory. But its time for you to jump on Suselle, figuratively.

Sad truth is the Yanmar 1GM is no longer available except used. Beta, Yanni and perhaps some others are your options.


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Did you get your boat launched okay? Have you had a sail?


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I love these boats and I want to buy one.

About 3 days of daylight travel give or take. Watch out for big barges heading up and down. They can't get out of your way. There's another Contessa in Croton but he may not be in for the season yet. You can overnight at no charge on a slip at the Philipse Manor Boat Club.  It will be to port as you head down the river a few miles south of Sing Sing, the federal prison in Ossining. PMBC is a little north of the lighthouse and the Tappan Zee Bridge. There's only one guest dock--the first one nearest the entrance. When are you planning to make the trip?