Topic: Inaugural Cruise (gathering), July 21-22, 2012

Hi All,

I thought I would post John's note in a new thread so that it is more visible and can consolidate all of the related posts here.

john wrote:

First gathering.
July 21 and 22 at the national Yacht Club. There will likely be slips available but if not, we have permission from the club to tie up along the wall and raft-up if necessary. Some of you might like to arrive on Friday evening.
The program is open for suggestions. We will likely eat meals together at the National's restaurant,  and generally discuss the finer points of our wonderful boats. We can also take a leisurely cruise around the Toronto Island on Saturday or Sunday whichever suits.
It would be helpful if  you could let me know if your will be attending with or without your boat, and what your preference is for the cruise around the Island. Those without their boats can crew on other boats.

I will add my comments here:
1)  John, I plan to attend.  I expect the wife, dog and boat will also be with me.
2)  I suggest we do the cruise around the Toronto Island on Saturday if weather permits.
3)  Adrian I read that you are without a boat, if you are in Toronto, please do come down and join us.  We'll find you a ride and treat you to a beer.

Re: Inaugural Cruise (gathering), July 21-22, 2012

Hey guys.

You have no idea how much I'd love to come for a sail. Unfortunately this weekend is a complete writeoff. We have an annual family reunion on Saturday, that cannot be missed (my father would be so disappointed), and I have to take my daughter off to be a trainee on a Tall Ship on Sunday. After that, we have to go to my cousin's new daughter's christening.

All of that assuming my wife doesn't go into labour, as we approach the due date for our own new addition!

But please keep us posted on how it goes?

Re: Inaugural Cruise (gathering), July 21-22, 2012

Hello Everyone,

Having always had the lone Contessa 26 at QCYC, and having always admired the camaraderie of all the Shark, Alberg, C&C, Nonsuch, etc. owners at my club who get to compare notes with owners of their same design of sailboats at QCYC, it was fun and educational to sail around the Toronto Islands and chat before and after with Jordan Harkness and his girlfriend Feng and John and Lesley Flanders. Watching their sailboats, Vixen and Free-N-Easy, sail close to the Outward Bound, I learned much as to how to improve my sailing skills from closely observing their excellent sailing abilities.

As the Contessa 26, with its elegant sheer and low freeboard, is one of the most beautiful sailboats on Lake Ontario, having three of them sailing together was a most rewarding site for those in the lake fortunate to see us sailing.  I look forward to more of us participating in the next sail to Ashbridge's Bay, so that we'll have an even more impressive presence on the lake.

I very much appreciate our new Contessa 26 gatherings. My sailing season is so much more fun now.


Russell Sergiades