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Website manager:
There has been an obvious lack of traffic on this site for the past year or so, my guess because of all  this spam.
Would it be better to just shut  this site down and reopen with some gateway complicated enough to keep out the spammers? I visit a couple of boat related sites that have been up for awhile that  gateways for entering which seem to work. I know  nothing about websites and beckon to those who do before we lose this fun and valuable source of information for us and our boats.

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see post in site support/comments!!!

I am working on some more solutions. Unfortunately just keeping the spam off the site is taking a considerable amount of time. Also, I have to admit that daily life is currently impinging on the time I spend maintaining this site.

But rest assured I am working on it. If its any consolation, only about 8% of the spam is actually getting through. I've managed to automatically blog the other 92%. That gives you some idea of how much spam there is.

The best thing to do right now for you guys is to not click on spam. Just leave it be and I'll keep working on the filtering.

Thanks guys!

The reality is that, unfortunately, life gets in the way of our hobbies.  I (and many others) would much rather have the bankroll to just work on my boat (websites, camaros, casino, house, show dog, horses, farm, snowmobiles, motorcycles, whatever one does for fun...) all day, or pay someone to.  Instead, I have a job, house, cars to maintain, commitments, etc.  Some of us have more demanding commitments than others. 

The forum/site precessing co26.com is no longer in existence (pocketcruisers.com) and the archived information that you can find here - relating specifically to the Contessa 26 - was only preserved by the efforts of Adrian who volunteered to recreate a North American Contessa 26 home on the internet.  He has done an excellent job and continues to do so even though he no longer is even a Contessa owner.  This is a hobby that sort of carried on past the fun part...

It is winter is most of Contessa sailing territory.  Many people and their boats are sleeping.  There have not been many Contessas changing hands (yachtworld, boatforsale, boattrader, local knowledge) in the last little while.  The Contessa was a limited run boat.  There are not 500 owners posting to this site.

Things will pick up in the spring, slide off in the summer, peak in the fall, and die off again next winter. 

If you've got a better solution to the spam, go for it.  Adrian was a great person to take over this site. 

To be completely honest I'd be less worried about this site.  I'd be more worried about why that brand new Beta  twin is going to shake almost as bad as my 1gm10.

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Please don't get me wrong. I'm very grateful to you or anyone for running this site. I only suggest there "may be" another way.
Re: 1gm10 vs Beta. Another topic another time. Thank you

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This is my first post, I believe.

There are probably many people that visit here, but don't post.  I come here every day, just to check in and read new information. I'm not a Contessa owner, but will be some day.  I find this website, and its history of posts, to be of great value.  That's my $.02.

Edmond, OK
(Watching the Equinox refit with great interest)

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Oh, and I am back for real, so we will see lots of traffic once I start talking....hah hah! ;-)

I think the spam bots cannot sign on anymore, as I couldn't even do so the other night, I could not figure out that code word! ;-)

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