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The number of questions I have for Paul Kestle....   
What does he do for heat in the winter?
What appears to be  < 20 watt solar panel, is this enough?
Cooking/food choices?

Any chance he might join this forum?


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He said he would join, once the boat is out of the water and he's at his sisters house. Apparently he had a laptop, but it got soaked, leaving him without access. Leaks are one of the things he's planning on fixing during this overhaul.

He also said he hopes to be able to join us at one of our association gatherings at some point.

If anyone else has questions for Paul, let me know, since I am, at asome point, going to interview him and do a front-page article about him, the boat, and his lifestyle.

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Sorry we missed him in November.  Lets make sure we follow-up for our December meeting.