Topic: Any ideas, suggestions or new thoughts for LOCA meetings in 2013?

Hi All,

I've volunteered to help put gather feedback and ideas to put together a program outline for the 2013 season.

At the meeting on November 1, we generally agreed that we would try for 3 major sail events, 2 speaker events and monthly meetings to stay in touch.

What type of events would you like to see?  So far the following has been suggested...
1.  A fun "race".  The idea being to get some Contessa's on the water and improving your sailing ability .  It will all be in good fun.  We're going to make it possible for everyone to participate since many of the group have never raced before and almost none of us have PHRF or IRC ratings.

2.  A Toronto Area cruise weekend.  This will be fairly light and social as many of us already live here.  It will likely be hosted by one of the yacht clubs with our members in attendance.

3.  A Western Lake Ontario cruise.  This will be a longer distance cruise for those that live in Toronto.  The idea being that we can put our cruising skills to proper use and go new places.  We're open to suggestions on a pleasant destination.  Likely 10-27NM from Toronto... as far east as Cobourg, as far west as Hamilton, or as far south as Niagara-on-the-Lake.  We didn't talk about crossing the border but that's an option I suppose.

Also, bertinol is looking to setup a couple speaker nights.  Do you have any ideas on what topics you would like to hear/see?  Just to get the discussion started...
- Solo cruising ...
- History of JJ Taylor and the Contessa...
- Port reviews and slide shows from around the lake from those that have been there... (maybe several members can present photos from their area or places they've travelled?)
-  <Place your ideas here!>

Finally, would you prefer to have a fixed night for meetings or should we pick dates at each event?  For example, should we pick something like, "First Thursday of the month"?  Or should we leave it up for discussion?

We're looking to solidify the program outline by December and then begin picking dates in January after the boat show.  Please submit all of your ideas now if you want them included on the calendar!


Re: Any ideas, suggestions or new thoughts for LOCA meetings in 2013?

I'd be interested in a fun race somewhere.  Also, if the timing is right, a group sail to a destination would be awesome.  Depends what people want.  I live aboard, on-the-hook, during the summer, so I'm used to roughing it.  Others might need facilities.  Even a gig at Hanlan's Point wall would be fun.  Then, at least there are showers and toilets.  If more of a secluded spot would be preferred, there is an excellent little beach on Donut Island, also located in the Toronto Islands.

Re: Any ideas, suggestions or new thoughts for LOCA meetings in 2013?

Hello all Contessa Association members;
We're keen on getting a January Contessa meeting on the calendar so pls respond with your pros and cons before we get bogged down in Christmas shopping. We'd also like to meet to talk about a summer cruising and racing schedule. Launch is only five months away so we have to start planning the summer events sometime soon.

In the meantime, I sent this note to a few people to get their ideas. But we'd like to hear from everybody. So give us your pros and cons.


We had a flurry of emails some time ago about the possibility of winter meetings of the Contessa Association.

My suggestion was to meet on a weekday evening, say once a month,  perhaps at the NYC and have a pleasant chat and speaker, with a quick meal/drink before or during or after.

The main theme of the meeting would be the chat/discussion of a summer racing and cruising schedule. But I liked the idea of a speaker to give a bit of a structure to the meeting and to attract new members who might not otherwise come.

I wasn't sure how it would go over so I suggested a low-risk speaker who would give an entertaining talk of mutual interest. If nobody comes, we'll give him a beer and send him off happily; if lots of people show up, we then move to a more ambitious speaker, perhaps  Bannister of JJ Taylor fame.

I suggested a meeting in January, after the Christmas excitement  dies down and perhaps during the boat show when people are in Toronto.

I bumped into Wayne Mullins at the NYC agm last week. He would be a good first speaker. He's a nice guy who wouldn't be insulted if nobody comes and he is a member of the NYC so knows his way around there. He  is a past commodore and the NYC's unofficial historian.  He could give a very interesting and entertaining illustrated talk on the history of Toronto harbour (a very interesting subject that few people know about), on JJ Taylor and all sorts of related subjects.  He would be available in late January, but double check with him.

What do you think of that idea?  Any better  ideas?  I'm more than open to ideas.

Re: Any ideas, suggestions or new thoughts for LOCA meetings in 2013?

Hi Oliver,

You suggested the 3rd Thursday in January.  That's terrific.  Would you please set that up with NYC and Wayne... it'll be interesting even if it's just the 3 of us.

We'll also go over which race series people are interested in (LYRA, AHMEN, Lo300, LOSHRS etc) and be able to share information we picked up at the boat show.


Re: Any ideas, suggestions or new thoughts for LOCA meetings in 2013?

Like the fun race, maybe round the island?
Like to do a cruise.
Like to do a long cruise to Niagara on the Lake and take in a nice meal and some theatre.
I am happy with almost any lecture topic. I'd even come for a beer and Contessa talk.
A fixed night makes it easier to remember and plan for.
John F
I'd like to hear what Wayne has to say about the Toronto harbour, but sadly we won't be around.

Re: Any ideas, suggestions or new thoughts for LOCA meetings in 2013?

I am all for a race and a cruise. Would be happy to come from Kingston. Also if there is a meeting in Toronto at the time of the boat show I will attend.

Ivan Ross "Morava" #266

Re: Any ideas, suggestions or new thoughts for LOCA meetings in 2013?