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Topic: Cutlass Bearing

Any tips on replacing a cutlass bearing?  The one on my 76 JJT seems to be pressed with no set screws and I’m assuming they all came that way.
I pretty much have the shaft out and wanted to see what others have done before getting out the hammer.

Re: Cutlass Bearing

Mine (1971) had 2 or 3 set screws, buried under paint.

Re: Cutlass Bearing

It turns out that mine had no set screws and is simply a friction fit/ interference fit type.  The stern tube is flush with the back of the keel, so set screws would’ve been unlikely. 
It took some creativity, but after cutting several slots in the brass part of the bearing and peeling it back somewhat, I was able to pound it out from the inside using socket that just fit in the ID of the stern tube and a pipe against the socket.