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Last year the New Yanmar 1gm10 was installed.  This year its about the prop.
Does anyone know if a 13 inch three blade prop will fit inside the rudder space on the Contessa.

I have seen 12 inch 3 blade on this boat, But not a 13 inch. Anyone know please.  thanks


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I have a 1975 Contessa; a Canadain production just prior to the lowered floor and the anchor locker upgrades.
Today after many new recent upgrades I had a survey and the person doing the survey could not find the Keel Bolts. 
Neither can I or my father a former Contessa owner.  Can anyone help me. 

Are they glassed in under the floor area where the batteries and some storage occours?  There is one molded battery box under the floor closer to the bilge and it is glassed in; under there perhaps?



Its been a great year with the new engine,(1GM10)  new sails, electronics, and anything else mechanical and electrical you can replace in a boat.  Each voyage was a "shake down" this summer and next year the real cruising will start; I hope.

One of the last issues in terms of mechanics I need to deal with is the Perfect Prop???

Two blade or Three blade - any thoughts and or the perfect size and pitch for the Contessa and her new engine.

I appreciate all the assistance and comments so far by the readers...its nice to know there is such a pool of information and experience out there.

thanks and any new info on this topic is appreciated.

Hi,   I have installed a new 1GM10 to the boat, new fuel tank, muffler etc and have more or less replaced every system and wire and cable in the boat.

I discoved that the 10x10 LH prop that was on the boat was cracked all the way thru.
I located a used 13x10 7/8 inch  and had it milled down to 11x11 and I thought I was ready to go. 

It did not fit; I was later told that the Contessa has a taper on the shaft that does not fit a North American prop. 
It appearantly is a Europeon design ??????

As I said I replaced everything on the boat ,but not the shaft.  I am hoping to keep this shaft and newer prop with more modification to make it fit?

Can anyone commnet on this or offer advice to fix this. 
A new prop is about $450 - $750 quoted in NS and I assume a new shaft is not that much????



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I am getting down to the wire on my new 1GM10 Install.
Some contessa owners have told me that I require a 11 X 10 RH two blade prop or a 12 X10 RH.

If these fit and work on a 1GM10 and you have one for sale please let me know asap as I hope to float in 6 weeks.


The Yanmar 1GM10 has been a pretty popular re power engine for the Contessa and many have made the installation. 
I am looking for specs on the Prop upgrade for the Contessa used by those of you with this engine.
Can any one give me info on the pitch, the diameter, number of blades etc so I can get the propeller I need. 
I am hopng to have the new engine and boat up and running in 6 weeks.  Thanks



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Does anyone have any suggestions or designs as to what works for a chart table. 
Since the boat is so narrow a full chart table I am sure is a stretch.  Often you see an extension off the starboard side mid cabin, where the stove is placed and it has a hard cover when not in use.  However on this surface there is trim or a lip to hold items in place.
I was hoping for a space about 2ft X 3ft.
Any reply and or pictures is appreciated.   thanks

The 1GM10 has been discontinued; the last engine coming off the line was summer 2010 I have been told.  The Emision issues was an American decesion so they cannot be sold in the States.  The 1GM10 can still be purchased in Canada if they are to be found.  They are and were pretty popular and also a good, but snug fit for the Contessa.  I have no idea how tight the new Twin will be, but I am going to assume it is a bit larger?
Still the old Petter and its issues; that the new engine will replace should be a great engine and a better summer ahead.

In the past I have seen many Contessa owners re power with the Yanmar 1GM10.  There are other engines as well, however my question is about Engine cooling.

I have a new Yanmar and am about to have it installed; The marine mechanic and many others are not keen on raw sea water used for cooling, yet my Petter and others went for years with sea water.  There does not appear to be an easy solution to this with the new Yanmar when it comes to fresh water cooling as a heater needs to be built and a KEEL cooler is likly a solution.  This is what I am told.

Can you please comment on your repower experience as to what you used for a water circulating system using fresh water or if you went sea water cooled?
Bottom line I am wondering why I would not go sea water cooled.... The engine is new and the mainance will be flawless.
The other bottom line is expense - yes I am aware you buy a new engine and you want the best possible solution you can afford with the engine operating well and long.

Any commnets please.


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Complete engine taken from my C26 this fall.  Engine runs great, starts fine, very economical and uses no oil.  Appearantly had a rebuild about three years ago and would have 100 hrs approx on engine.  Transmission needs a rebuild or replacment I suspect.
I have cables, guages, ignition etc to go with it.  Would like to sell complete, but may consider parting it out.  I believe it is an original Lister Petter installed in 1976.
Exhaust ends at the manifold for resale.
Asking $500.00  I am in Nova Scotia
See pics on Kigigi Halifax and Toronto


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Looking for cushions in good shape, any color. 

As seen in previous posts I am researching modifications, upgrades etc to the Contessa and am always lookng for great advice from others. 
Aside from the new engine; I am looking at building or having built a traveller on a rail across the stern, But I often enjoy standing up at the tiller or even on the seat.  Are there any considerations as to how high a traveller fram can be raised off the stern or mods to allow the tiller to be raised while underway using a traveller system on a rail. 



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Good day,  I am about to re-power the contessa with a new Yanmar and am looking at the possibility of a three blade prop.
additionally I am looking for a Storm jib and a raised traveller as items on my wish list.  If you can assit let me know.  Thanks  Paul Nova Scotia

I would like to hear from any Contessa owner who took out the Petter and replaced it with the Yanmar 1GM10.
I am sure this is the engine I will repower with, so therefore any info or suggestions, problems encountered etc, from you on the placement of the new engine mounts, shaft or exhaust issues will be welcomed.

For those with a Petter eventually I will have a great Petter ENGINE to sell; with a crappy transmission.  Engine will work as a replacement or a parts engine.

Thanks  paul

I would love to hear from any Contessa owner who has a Yanmar engine; to assist me with information on proper engine size, horsepower etc.

My boat has the hatch in the cockpit to allow me great access to the engine, thats a great start.

However I am planning on replacing the 6.6 Petter with a Yanmar and would like to know what Yanmar model will fit and install easilt. ( I am an optimist) 
I am lookng at new or used and the  engine 1GM10 and 2GM207 have been mentioned. 
I assume a single or twin cylinder is going to work and I assume that the Horse Power should be at least 8 - 10 and how many horses is too high for a Contessa.

So if you have any thoughts or have a Yanmar engine I would love to know the model and Hsp so I can shop.  I have found several engines across Canada (used) and they range from 8 -18 HP, But what fits??? 
Additionally if someone has a Yanmar for sale please let me know.



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Has anyone seen this.  I ran across this while browsing and it appears to be an annual event for the last few years.

It is assosiated to Tania Aebi, if that is of interest?



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I am n Nova Scotia with a CO 26 and bought the boat with two sails only.  A main and a Genoa, (roller furled).  Last week the foresail  took a hit and tore along the leech and where the UV fabric is sewn in. 
A simple repair, I hope; by replacing the entire portion of the UV material.  BUT I now feel that I need a least a spare Genoa and eventually a small jib (Storm) as I am going to add another forestay to the deck to work off my unused spinnaker halyard.

wondering if anyone has any sails with a few years left in them, would also consider another main with full battens and three reefing cringles preferred.

thanks  Paul

My 1975 Contessa came to me this season with a 6.6 Diesel Petter.  Great engine, starts every time, but there are issues and I assume the engine is getting up there; likly an original.  The exhaust hose split, the Trans wil not go into gear easily unless I start to power off as I shift into gear, muffler came apart, etc etc....typical I guess.
I am aware that many engines fit a Contessa but am looking for sound advice to repower the boat.  Of course I have seen lots of Single Cylinder Yanmar out there (and they are now out of production as of this summer). 
I am considering the new Beta engine , Twin, 10 Horsepower made by Kubota. 
Any info is appreciated and of course anyone with an engine to sell is welcomed to reply; I will purchase across Canada or the Eastern States.

Thanks  paul


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Hi,  New Contessa owner in Nova Scotia Canada.

I am looking for any info and or advice to install an anchor locker on the bow.  There is a small factory locker on the interior of the VBerth and was wondering the best way to convert this to a wet locker with a drain for rope and chain.

Any plans or  details are appreciated.

Thanks  paul