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I agree. Not so obvious, but if you click "Post Reply" instead of using the quick reply box at the end of the thread, you can add attachments. Sorry it's not more intuitive!



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When you go to post, there's an "attachments" section just under the box where you type your response. You can add a picture there.


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The registry is terribly out of date. If anyone wants to pursue updating it, I'd be happy to post it!

I think they are meant to flex with the rig, meaning that rigid attachments might not be ideal.

Wow. That's some great work!

Nope. Not Varuna. Another 26 though...

I'll keep you all in suspense for a while!


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It's not my boat, I only posted it in the marketplace.

There's an email address on the listing, if you follow the link in my post above.


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I am trying to remember where mine was. I feel like it might have been accessed through the floorboard between the v-berths, but that might have been the depth sounder.

Guys, any thoughts?


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There were some issues with the server this site runs on, specific to what is called a DDOS, or Distributed Denial Of Service attack against one of the site that shares the server. This issue has been resolved and we shouldn't have any more connectivity issues.

My apologies for the downtime.

Everyone who didn't come missed a wonderful time today!

I still wonder frequently about including Co32 owners in the focus of this site. The issue is they already have such a strong class association.

As for the actual question, I have no ideas.

Looks like a toddler and one teen now. In terms of food, what should we bring? Do we want to do a pot-luck sort of thing, or shall each bring enough food for their own?


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I was looking through some photos of Contessa 26s, and noticed that Nick Jaffe had mid-boom sheeting and a cabin-top traveller on Constellation.

While that would cause problems with adding a dodger/spray hood, it certainly would open up options in the cockpit for biminis or sun shades, not to mention getting acres of mainsheet out of the cockpit.


We're planning on bringing a toddler and two teenagers in addition to ourselves!

We're not going to sail over, unfortunately. Too long a day on the boat for the little one right now to sail from Cathedral Bluffs over to the island.

But we will be there!

Sarah and I are planning on attending!


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While I haven't done any offshore work, the hatches on neither my Alberg 29 nor my Kittiwake 23 leak.

And the folkboat, considered a very seaworthy design, has a sliding hatch. I still think it's the number one flaw of the Contessa 26.

CO26 is a good fit for a lot of different types of sailing. She's just not a very good fit for being a dock condo.

Like I said, I adore my Kittiwake, but I really moss my Co26. She was one of the later ones, and I've since lost track of where she's gone. The guy I sold her to sailed her from Toronto to Quebec City, but from there, I have no idea where she's gone.

Now that my 3 older kids are starting to head off to university, I think a Co26 would be perfect for me, my wife, and our 2 year old son. But then again, so is the Kittiwake 23!


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Absolutely gorgeous. If only they had designed the Contessa with a bridge deck and sliding companionway like the Folkboat she's based on. Seems to me that would be even more seaworthy than the bubble and lack of bridge deck.

All I can tell you is that I moved from a CO26 to an Alberg 29, and while it was a lovely boat, I since regret getting rid of the Contessa and might someday replace my Kittiwake 23 with one.