WAY TO GO STEFAN!!!!!!  You have worked sooo hard on this boat, and been the best inspiration....and yes, your mast will be quite important to getting you sailing, so good luck in getting that raised!!  Keep us posted!!

There is a good thread on this, just put "pintle" into the search and you will see!


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Yes, we are going to cut into our side decks as well to repair from the top, as if one has to redo some non-skid, may as well cut along the inside of nonskid and clean out the rotten plywood underneath.   But you are right, the boldness is actually making the first cut!  The boat has been dried out for several months, so it won't be so messy, but we can still see the damaged plywood...also makes you realize that it is simply...water getting in that wrecks things...I mean, if the items weren't screwed into the deck incorrectly the first time, grrrr!!!  And...you can see that it is simple to rectify...prevent water from getting in there in the first place, as smh said: do it right...  The deck will flex a bit with 220 lbs on it, the key is the crackling sound....if you hear it, there are multiple layers crackling...and from water or just weak layup, you will want to fix it.   And being brave and cutting the deck is part of it, heh heh........

Not sure if any of you knew, but Roger Myerscough, whom I bought my beloved Rhiannon (ex "L'Epice) #318 from, passed away a few months ago, in Victoria, B.C.

He had just retired about two years earlier, and was working on his Niagra 31 when he got cancer in his thumb, of all places.  It then went quickly, and he succumbed to pneumonia. 

He was also actively racing in a Martin 242 with another buddy "as young as he was", and he was enjoying his retirement before it was cruelly cut short.

I spoke to his wife and told her how much I admired him, as well as how much we all, on the website, enjoyed his stories...the grounding has to be the most "Roger".

Roger was a great guy...We will miss him.


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I had a tad of helm a bit more on one side than the other, and ONLY when I left the 150 Genoa up after 10k....to me that was her telling me "um....you might want to reef"...on Port tack, she steered her self when the sails were set right, usually in 10k-15k, a 100% foresail and one reef.
I could set the tiller any way, port tack, and it would stay.  On stbd, she would ever so slowly head up.  If choppy sea, she would head up a tad faster...but I found that setting the mainsheet/boom to leeward would help as well.

What you don't want is lee helm...turning down wind.  If she is heading up really fast...you have the sails in too tight, or your "stuff" down below is not balanced...not kidding: I had about 200lbs of tools on one side and forgot to balance the other, she almost tripped herself trying to head up on one tack, heh heh.....and if your rail is in the water, she has a tad too much sail...fun but if she keeps going, the sails get wet, ha ha.


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Mine on my 1984 was a cotter pin with good, strong goose neck, that yes, fit into the sail track.  But, I did major cotter pin that locked, not the one you bend.

I may still have pics somewhere of my old one....somewhere......


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PS: My "project boat", as I fondly call her....has a Petter in it...looked well-cared for, but is rather large for the compartment, and was neglected while she sat in Montreal for a while...a long while!!!

We will likely try to get the engine running, but if we pull it...might put in something we know will run...hmm, always a decision, hey?!?!?! ;-)


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If I had kept my first incarnation #318, I would have likely re-powered with a Yanmar.  The poor fellow who bought mine has pulled it out 4 times!!!  And, once it was as simple as upside down governor that the Mechanic installed!! (Even I didn't make that mistake, hee hee)

The main thing is the Room.....and making sure the bed supports the engine...there's a good repowering article, rbporter, in the main section of webpage...still there I think.

The engine is handy for when the current starts to pull on our little full keels, been there, done that, and learned to Give it Throttle when you need to!!! ;-)

You can raise up the cockpit sole a bit to accomodate a bigger engine...as the hatch comes straight up anyways...


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Yes, Jose makes a good point...the less joints the better, as you don't want it to fail at a joint, and then not have a replacement, and that is where it will leak, of course! ;-)

Check out Fastening Places for all sorts of joints and barbs etc. 

Good luck...make sure the slings stay on your boat, (or it stays on the trailer) for a good 20 minutes until you check for SURE It is not leaking.

Congrats Kevin, I am a little late in the accolades...but know the excitement, whether she is a 1984 (like I had) or a 1976...like I  have now!!!

Batteries, mine came with none, snicker, guffaw....but am investigating the golf-cart ones...for both size and efficiency....but we are a ways away from batteries....the friend/mechanic buddy we dragged over to the boat says he is not sure if he can get the engine started unless he pulls it out...but it is turning over, so that is a good sign!!


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I have a pic of of my tri-color setup on the masthead fitting, but forgot to take pic of where wiring exits, d'oh!!

My wiring goes down inside the mast, including the VHF cable.  Will take more pics this week!!

Good lord, I could earn money as a programmer if I can follow those directions.... ;-D  I send my pics to our humble web master, so, instead of my incompentent uploading attempts,  he can place things properly where they should be....

I like either one click of a button, click and drag a picture....or else I'll hire someone to do it....completely opposite of the boat....I'd rather make a huge, disastrous mess and then hope the white-out and silicone will cover it all, hah hah....just kidding.......??!!   

Problem is, how to keep thos weirdos from posting porn on this site...like today....(now don't all go running looking for it, boys!!)

Stefan....sounds like we have a similar project...some people figure they can just basically rivet stuff through the deck and that will be a good thing?! NOT, hah hah....and then the picky ones like us are left fixing it all! ;-)

I have sent a blurb with pics to Adrian so he may post the pics and blurb here...as he's the expert, I don't want a 6' wide pic on screen which seems to happen if I upload....hah!!!

Thanks you guys....I am going to take a million more pics: the shelter is up and all crap, er...stuff is off her decks...and Francis (new guy) and I are making our lists...work starts in earnest when he arrives here (Vancouver) in mid-July (he's American)...I will do all the assessing and cleaning and should I leave the head hoses to him?! Why not?!  Heh heh...

Will update in a day or so!!
(Thanks for uploading pics Adrian!!)

Oh by the way, the same week my boat came out, so did "Sandy's Beach"!!!  It is about four boats from us on the hard!!  Am trying to find out who owns her, but have not seen anyone around her yet.  Small world, ey?!

Anyone know the story on that one....John Lee?!  ;-)

Oh my god everyone, I am SO sorry I have not written!!!  LIfe has been zipping by, and it's ALL GOOD!!!

Ok, let's start at: THE BOAT!!!  SHE ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!  Yes, just a couple of weeks ago, and I have literally been getting her set up on the hard at the boat yard, and built a slip-tube shelter over her.

She ended up NOT coming on the train, as she was "too tall", even after the boat broker was told she was ok, and I had paid him for the train shipping.  Poor broker Brian of Westisland Marine in Montreal took her down twice to try and ship her, no go!  So, finally, I engaged the services of David Law at Canam Marine...and David and his crew were AWESOME.  They shipped her quickly and professionally and had her at the boat yard with me not even requried to hover over everyone making sure it got done!     I made the truck driver laugh so hard as I was all excited when he told me the boat was coming the next day, and I cheered "YAY", and he laughed for about 10 minutes as he said no one was ever as excited as I was....guess my patience turned to sheer jumping up and down when I realized I really was getting my boat!!!

The day she arrived, I was literally moving from my old home (and old life) to a NEW home and....have met someone who is so into sailing and things that I am, and he's curious and smart like me too, (nothing like tooting my own horn, ey?! Hah hah!) so it has been a whirlwind, as we are so excited about getting her ready for sailing...we have been drawing up "to do" lists and "to buy" lists, although the former is the main one as the wallet is tight after paying $3,900 shipping cost....although I DID get the $1,500 I had paid for train travel refunded from broker Brian...that was a hugely exciting surprise! ;-)

SO.......we have just set her up and stood and assessed her: the first thing we did was take off the two dorade vents on deck....um....they were simply bolted on, right through the deck, no epoxy filler of the holes, no backing washers nor...any sort of...anything to prevent....wet core or stress cracks!!!  Um, same with the dodger frame tracks...(but no dodger)...simply bolted through the deck.....However, they look all look like rather new additions, so...it appears that the wetness has dried and we will assess stress cracks and ask you all what your thoughts are....so that will be our next thread: Deck Cracks!!!

Thank you ALL for being so supportive and helpful and always there......I apologize for the delay in writing and the time will not lapse like that again (um, one "To Do" item was..."e-mail Co26 Forum"...heh heh...oops.....now that I am literally settled into my new home.. it is time to give oneself to the boat chores to get her ready for the summer!!!  Oh...has summer started yet?! Rainy and cold here! 

I will send pictures to Adrian tonight, darn, just realized they are on my computer at home, and camera as well, yes, at home too!

Talk to you all soon!!!

Adrian, you are so right!!!! 

INFO for those of you wanting to ship your boat: well, I just phoned Searail in Montreal, and they said the broker came with the boat but it is TOO BIG for them to ship!! Oh my, I laughed out loud....Searail said a guy from CN Rail came and also confirmed, yes, the boat was too big to ship on a train.

So, I just spoke to broker's office, and they said he is aware the boat is too big for train, and is madly working on a way to get it to me.  Broker is out of town but back on Monday and he and I will have to figure something out!

Why can I see myself driving a honking big truck with my boat following behind it?!   heh heh....

And....Marc in Montreal is awesome...he drove by the broker's yard and took a few pictures and I can see her in the yard, all wrapped and ready to go!    Marc.........THANK YOU.....All of you have been so awesome....thank you....(Adrian may post a picture of it if not too large)

So, I get a bit riled and suddenly good things start to happen, that is what I have learned, ;-)  And no, we are never practical when it comes to our boats, as Allen Farrell, the BC Boatbuilder and painter said about sailing: "you are either bored or terrified"....I agree, and that goes for anything even remotely related to boats too!!

Oh my god, you guys are all so good looking!!!  Heh heh,  that's what sailing will do to you!! (Oops, sorry, Mrs. Jose Salvador!!  She was the pretty one in the group!!)  And somehow, I knew that's what you'd all look like!!!   Ok, I now know I have to show my mug soon.....let me think of something imaginative and post a pic....likely me looking longingly at pics of my boat....hah!   Expect a pic sometime this week....and let's all pray for the rail strike to end.

Yes, good canvas is very important.....my old boat had a wealth of it, something I intend to duplicate in Artemisia.   

You could also make that zipper match other companionway covers, having canvas ones with little plastic windows/bug screen windows as well......etc.  Also, the bug screen could be sewed inside some double seam so if it does rip, just remove, replace, and re-sew.     

The Seeadler has the most skookum items on her!!!

PS: Can you say "shin barker" on that great traveller?!  I would likely break my neck on a cock pit traveller, I am that forgetful about things in the way....heh heh....how does it work for you, likely good?


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Bika, keep us posted on your schedule....I now know that if you have a trailer, you can put your boat on a train for quite cheap to get across Canada.  Fair winds........by both land and sea!

Thank you guys!  I have read many stories on Artemisia...powerful woman, plant, myth, etc.  and feel the name is apt for the boat...

So, the latest chapter in the story is:
Artemisia's papers have now arrived back with the boat broker, so she is now a "simple girl", just a licensed vessel...which I will rectify the moment she arrives, and will have no problem doing re-registering her, as the kind  fellows at Registry of Shipping have informed me.
However........now there is a Train Strike!!!  It is as if I am destined to wait patiently for a looooooong time for her......kind of like being outside a harbour in a calm with a dead engine....and an ebbing tide?!  Heh heh......I know she will come soon....but of course when the trains get back to work, there will be a backlog of shipments.....so she will have to wait patiently again...Patience is good!!!

Ok, well,  I may as well start the story from the post this all started from, the big long "Guess What"  one, yes, that one, with lots of exclamation marks, like this:  !!!!!!!!!!

So, my "new" Contessa 26 was purchased in Montreal, approximately December 14th, and I have arranged to have her shipped by train.

The cost to do so was very cheap, as we all know how prohibitive the cost of trucking a boat across the country can be.  So, when I was told it was only $1,500 Can, I was thrilled.  The catch is, the boat must be on a trailer, which mine has. 

Therefore, a trailer is a good investment if you ever think you will ship or move your boat long distances across land.

The train ride should only take about three weeks, and leaves every Friday from Montreal.  However, the terrible weather we have had in this country the past  months has all but stopped many train shipments, and a boat is definitely at the bottom of the list when the schedules start to get back in order. 

Having said that, she was all ready to go on the train last Friday when it was discovered her papers were not back from the Toronto office of the ship's license office.....ok....right....here is the next chapter:

Yes, she WAS a registered vessel, and even though it had expired in 2004, I was assured by Regsitry of Ships there is no trouble to re-instate an expired registered vessel. 
However.....the boat broker thought he would "simplify things" and have her changed to a licensed vessel and "get rid of that blue book" .....I would laugh out loud if it wasn't so sad!!!  Having said that......I again checked with Registry of Ships here in Vancouver, and the kind fellow there said no problem , we just go through the paperwork again...and then also change her name and port at the same time! 
So, having said all of that, I am just waiting for paperwork to come from the Toronto office, back to the broker in Montreal, who has been amazing by the way, and then the boat and her papers are on their way to me!!! 

There are many more exciting stories and planned adventures with the boat,....and I will share them once she is on the train and heading my way, hopefully in another week or two!

Lastly...her name will be Artemisia......named after both the Goddess Artemis and Artemisia: a powerful ruler as well as a rare woman who led ships into battle in Ancient Greece.


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Hey!!  Way to go Peter!!  My first time out, it took me two hours to get the sails totally up and all set properly...heh heh!!  Just take your time and think it all out.  Plus, I take the sail cover off at the dock, get the halyard all set up on the mainsail, and have it all ready to hoist in a hurry, if need be.  And, if you are nervous, put a reef in at the dock, much easier there.  you can always get the sail up if you head her dead into the wind and let ALL the lines go loose....

Jacklines: for simple and quick: Yes, you can get the flat webbing that climbers use, I got 6,000 lb breaking strength, for cheap, at an outdoor climbing store.  If no eyes to tie onto, tie onto the cleats!!!  That is what I will do on my "new' boat.....my old boat had "Pad Eyes" installed....a good idea, and something I may do in the future, but I am going to be of the same ilk wtih my new boat: Nothing goes through the deck unless it is thought about for a long, long while!

So......where are the pictures of all you guys?!??!  *very curious look*  heh heh!!!

I would have love to have been there!!!

My boat (sounds so good!!) should get on the train this Friday, barring more Horrid Weather around here....she has been delayed due to the snow and windstorms from here to Montreal.....