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It's a green hull on "Sunshine Coast", and the phone number is in Alberta, and no one ever answers or returns my messages!  Guess they do not want to sell?!

The name looks like "Segue", or something like that from the picture in the Boat Journal.

Sorry, I accidentally edited some of my messages while on my Blackberry on the forum, lol...

Your trip sounded very interesting!!  And yeah, hot water is a wonderful thing, lol!  They say if you can sail in the Vancouver area successfully, you can sail anywhere in the world: we have tides, currents, deep, shallow, windy, calm, ETC!!!

Wow, I just noticed the Equinox project at Tim's shop...Glissandro was amazing, and now this, what a great documentary of a total refit on a Co26...interesting it was a newer Co26, as many times they are in pretty good shape...from what I have found.

Stefan, you could easily start like this, as Tim says "one boat at a time"!

Hey John;

I had a caribiner at one end only, and then tightened the heck out of the other end as I tied a bowline into it onto a padeye...that way I could retighten if it loosened up. 

And, if you have a double tether (like the offshore ones) just clip the smaller one in as you unclip and reclip the longer one in.

Would love to see pics!!


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Still have your Contessa, Cole?!

If so, you are hereby ordered to come to Rendezvous I will organize one I get mine...hopefully this week, will keep you posted, LOL...

I also have horses in my family that need shoes, you ever work in Maple Ridge on this side of the water?! ;-)


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How are you Bill, still have your boat?!

I am insisting all Co26 owners come to the next Rendezvous I organize, and i am a dealmaker in real life, so I will convince you for sure! ;-)


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Belated "congrats!" on first solo sail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I remember mine: I took an HOUR to look and prep and relax and just....do it!  Once I left the dock, it took me an HOUR to put up the sails...I talked myself through every step and told myself: no worries, take your time, no one is watching...but being a perfectionist, it rubs off in weird ways while sailing....

Solo sailing is awesome for us women.......and yeah, I am small too, and also getting older "a little ways out of my 30s", as I put it! lol...

Sue, I hope you are sailing solo still, I know that I love it: and Lin and Larry Pardy commented on how pretty my boat was as I breathlessly (and inanely) circled their boat and babbled "I love your boat", and Lin hollered back "your boat is very nice too", I was speechless and was lucky I was tethered in, lol........

And if you solo sail: ALWAYS TETHER YOURSELF IN!!!  Trust me, I have had both feet in the air when the boat went one way and I went another, and even a control freak like me cannot make things the way I want them on the ocean, lol...


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WHen my engine was out for repairs in Rhiannon, I had to put a note on her saying "thank you for noticing her bow is lower than her stern, but she is not sinking, she has her engine out', as everyone noticed the bow was noticeably lower when the engine was out, so it is definitely about trim...try putting all your tools on one side, you will notice! ;-)

The are narrow, little boats: you can have them list with two people on one side...but you can't push 'em under, lol


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And yes, a boom vang is very good if you like sailing in lots of wind, lol...


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Mainsheet Traveller: I was wrong, mine was NOT on coach roof, was on rear, what a lunatic I am...and YES: it can restrict the tiller if you have a support for it...you could always put it far back on the transom deck as you can.


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The guys I had my mechanic call for Farymann parts are Entec West:
Postal Address

Entec West, Inc.
6312 SW Capitol Hwy. #410
Portland, OR 97239
Phone Numbers

Phone:  971-255-1561
Week Days: 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM Pacific Time

Experts on Farymann: they are basic guys, no email, just old fashion phone...and they know their Farymanns, which are really used as generator engines in the farm and other worlds! lol...

i had a voltage regulator on Rhiannon, and it was after market, but was for the specific engine, etc...


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Ok, I am an idiot, I totally forgot how my traveller was! It was on the stern and am actually having to edit this post...

Traveller was on a really nice stainless mount with two legs per side, and the setup was easy for singlehanding and dumping wind, and held the boom down nicely, as it was quite aft.  Just make sure the blocks are attached well to the boom, wow, I would have to look on my old laptop for pics...if I even have any...it was five years ago......

Overall, my old Rhiannon had a very nice traveller setup, there is a picture on Tech Notes, the pic is from her as "L'Epice", also mistakenly shown as Verxue or something like that while sailing heeled over...

Getting rid of the small blocks on the transom deck allows you to rig a jackline, as well as bimini clips to those pad-eyes, tie the boom off in harbour, etc.! ;-)

And, the traveller and support that it needs on the transom deck make a great seating area for vision-fanatics like me while motoring!  Although hard on the little butt, it is a perfect place to watch and steer while motoring.


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Yeah, us Contessa owners....er, i am not one yet...we are crazy tho'! ;-)   

Barry, do you wear glasses, if so, on your facebook page: WHERE ARE THE BOAT PICS?!  We need drama, send us pics!! Wow, you are having an adventure!  Map?! 

Is there an "ADVENTURES" area on this site, Adrian?! ;-)

John_Co26, I know now you are not John Lee, as you are still sailing an John Lee owned Cavendysh....Barry that is so cool you are sailing her! ;-)


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Yes, we are all ill with some sort of boat sickness, LOL....having said that, I love the Dana's too, and was looking at them...they are about twice to three times the price, so many times: if I have $20k on me, I buy what I can....if I had $50k, I would buy a Dana...but since I am a "spares, and lots 'uv 'em"....as well as a tool fanatic (yes, for a girl, I have any and all tools you can imagine! ;-)  I need to carry all my extra parts and "just in case" stuff...so if the Dana can hold it all...that would be my pic.

and, I am a hopeless romantic: the Bristol Channel Cutter would be my next pick: a fibreglass one that needed TLC obviously as that is only way you can get one for $50k...unless the economy stays like crap...or get wooden...been there, done that, will tell all later...

I just do not like boats larger than about 28 feet, I lose touch with them.


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Dripless shaft seals are the greatest, especially for those of us who do not like water inside the boat, lol...I like to keep the bilges clean and dry, so no water dripping in is most desirable.  You do have to grease the dripless shaft, as instead of water lubricating it the most, (it does use some water, but it goes through, not out...you need something to keep it cool.

Yes, mine on Rhiannon was a shaftseal, and we will do the same on "the new boat"....just make sure the rubber housing does not get compromised...I believe an extra piece of rubber is the best safety net, lol...


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Belated Congrats on the new purchase, I have been out of the loop until now...John kept a very nice boat, he looked long and hard for that boat, it had to be perfect, just the way he kept her! ;-)


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Will phone on this one back east.

I would say we get one of each together and measure away! ;-)

Also, the Marieholms are rarer than the Folkboats, which are rarer than the Co26s...especially on the West coast of North America.


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OMG, Ayla May, you bought the boat I had trucked here to Vancouver from Montreal!!!  And yes, I sold it to a great guy on Vancouver Island, they towed it there on the trailer it also came with! 

I actually cleaned her up a bit too, but the fellow who bought it (I am embarrassed I cannot remember his name!) actually had some great plans, and I think he followed through with some of them!

The Petter was actually in a runable condition and my brother in law's mechanic thought it was the starter!

And how cool she will be on Gabriola...you will have to come to the Co26 rendezvous I will be organizing once we get the new boat!!! ;-)


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Oh, and I am back for real, so we will see lots of traffic once I start talking....hah hah! ;-)

I think the spam bots cannot sign on anymore, as I couldn't even do so the other night, I could not figure out that code word! ;-)


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John, is that you John Lee?! ;-)

I will send a million pics to you all, if you are all still interested! ;-)  I know many of you have sold and bought and sold again, I am looking forward to jumping back in and sharing stories and methods and ideas...

I know Dusty had some adventures with her boat in Bellingham, (sorry I couldn't help you!)  And Deb in Homer, etc!! ;-)

Talk to you all later! ;-)


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Wow, that is a nice one, I like how he has updated the sole, etc. and some people just have the knack of making things look perfect!

How is your boat, did you sell one and buy another or do you still have the same one?! ;-)


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I have missed you all so much: "the Jose's", rbporter, Adrian, John Lee, Stefan, Marc, Dusty, Kristin, all of you who were so awesome when I had to leave for awhile.......I tried to come back with a 1974 CO26, but ended up selling her, as again the time was not right, and I see someone is thrilled to have "Ketchi Manitou"!

However, I am flying down to California on Sunday the 26th, (no boxing day shopping in Vancouver, B.C. for me!) and am having a 1984 model surveyed on Monday....and I am glad I did....and she won't work for plans for going around Vancouver Island, etc.

Lesson #1: NEVER buy a boat sight unseen, no matter how cheap!  LOL...omg...


“You get a boat for only one reason, because you want one.  If you’re worried about being practical, forget boats.”