It is $1,000 for my 25' dock with electric and water at Dunkirk, NY.  They are relaxed about  the lenght, as I have a windvane also. Though the place has been up for salle for the past year or so. jklee

PaulC - I like the traveller system I had on my boat. I felt I had more control over the boom, especially in light winds. Sorry for getting to you late. jklee


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As always, you do a great job. My last message took 2 sec to up load, not the normal one minute. Thanks! jklee


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I think your correct on the too much sail and the surf did not help. It was great to see them in the cockpit though I wonder how they got themselves out of that mess with the mast in the water. jklee

I had one made for Cavendysh #331, which you can find in the Photo Gallery. The company was in Hamilton, ON I believe. I have a thread on this issue that was about 2+ years ago that might have some information. The company had made traveller for other CO26 so they have the needed information. Hope this helps.


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If you put your CO26 up for sale, beware of the number of people that will inquire about your boat. I have 1 - 2 people ask about my boat (sent out a Questions/Answers reply) per week but have yet to get a second inquiry. This has at least let me think about my decision at least until Spring. jklee

The plate number would look like the following:
ZJT03 is the company info
146 is the boat number
08 is the month (August) when it was finished (I believe)
75 is the year (1975) when it was built.
So you boat would be following:
ZJT03158xxxx  you will need to find the month and year information.
Hope this help, jklee


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Go to the photo gallary and under search type in "Mast Step" I thing that will answer your question. jklee

Try the following tread "How old are your sails? " and go to page 2 and 3 where I am asking these same questions. The 2 reef is what I got but but the 2 reef points replace the 3 reef points. I actually liked the first reef, as it made life a lot more relaxing as I sailed.  jklee


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Yes, I remember my first, it is a great feeling. jklee


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Thank you everyone with your kind thoughts. They have been helpful to me on getting through this. It was not easy making this decision but remember, putting up a boat for sale and actually selling it are completely two different things. So far 3 people have inquired about the boat but I am guessing the price is scaring them away, or they do not understand what OBO stands for (or best offer). With the economics as they are, I will be surprised if anyone truily wants to look at the boat as their future dream.

In making my decision, I had to look at the times I am available to sail, as I do wildand fire fighting. So when the weather is good for fire starts - making me stay close to home - it is great sailing or boat maintenance day. Thus, I lose out on April through mid-May and Western fire season starts up at end of June through mid September, which also keeps me close to home, especially this year as I am in charge of the District Fire program. With those dates taken out, I am left with only a few weeks per year to work and sail on the boat.  This does not include my normal forestry job doesn't allow for much vacation time during the field season. All of this weigh against me at the end, as I see my Cavendysh in my mind at her slip waiting for me to sail her. It seem mean to do this to a boat that is truily a great sailing boat that wishes to travel the 7 seas - dancing across the wave tops.

Thank you again for your thoughts and I am sorry for not getting back to you sooner.


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Due to my job, 2 hour distances and giving proper time to my boat, I am putting her up for sale. It is a very depressing time for me as a number of events have pushed me into a corner. I feel my Contessa 26 needs someone that will take her out on the water more then once or twice during the summer and so far this summer zero with no future time available until mid-september. The following will be put in the Market Place once it is upload.

For Sale: 1985 Contessa 26, Sail #331 (including trailer), Dunkirk, NY

Second Owner and she has sailed on Lake Erie her whole life.
10hp Bukh diesel, with new motor mounts.
All new lines, sheets with new Clutches
New main sail, storm sail, working sail (85) and genoa 135 plus the original 110 genoa in good condition.
New traveler
New Cape Horn windvane
New Raymarine radio
Mast rewired with new tri-light on top
Sleeps 4  very nice interior upholstry
New lower stanchions,
New gaskets around the hatches
New companionway made of teak
New bumpers
There are a number of photos in the photo gallery under Cavendysh plus conversations about my boat in a number of threads on this website
John Lee at 814.927.6909 or larix9 (at) yahoo (dot) com. You can best get ahold of me via my e-mail


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Well, I finally got my new Bukh motor mounts on and the boat so far rides a lot smoother when motoring. I tried to get my mounts from Waterway Diesel Center but they never answered my phone calls or my e-mails. So I tried North Jersey Marine by e-mail (the only way to communicate with them) and they got back to me (they do evening e-mails it seems) and within a week I had them ordered on their way to me. The list for $749.37 but was sold to me at 475.00 plus s/h cost of $17. If you ever need to get a hold of them, email them at rbainnjmdiesels AT , I believe the owner is Bob, nice person. He was happy when I e-mailed him a photo of my old motor mounts so that he got me the right ones for me. Anyway, Thanks for the above info. I do have photos in the Gallery for your viewing. jklee

Jose,  Where are we with this list? I have a new owner who e-mailed me a while back with their info. I will forward to you. I also got a bypasser a week or so ago who e-mailed me about my boat. So the list does have a use out there. jklee


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Cheers! Now we can hear all about her tiller situation.
The last famous CO26 person was KodiakGirl that was banned, I believe. I does happen to the best of us members. jklee


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Adian, Did you know you banned one of our regular CO26 owners, Suzeh? She was even at the last Boatshow talking with me and 2 other CO26 owners. Just wondering if this is for real. cheers, jklee

Atkins, I did buy the gaskets last summer without any problems after talking with someone at the company. The gaskets worked just grand last summer. I have yet to get up to my boat yet due to my job tieing me up on the weekends. jklee


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I think I got the chrome one. I would think that for most of us day sailors, you cannot go wrong with any of them. When you mount them, they are a lot heavier then the old ones and you have to drill new holes for them. Do not throw out the old ones, they could come in useful in the future. Get the self-tailing, they save you a lot of grief and they are a must for solo sailing. jklee


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I remember seeing a fold-a-dinghy on a Contessa 26 (#248?) when I was in Mobile, Alabama. The owner had it up against the side the railing and below he carried a small outboard for the dinghy. I did not see it unfolded. That is the best I can remember. I will say towing a dinghy is just a noise maker. I believe Tania Aebi has her rubbert dinghy rapped around the base of the mast (check up cover of her hardbound book). jklee


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I looked into plastic tanks (at the same places listed above) when I first got my boat, but I could not get one that actually fit the measurements to get it through the cockpit locker or the space available (the tanks seem to come in strange shapes). The old tank system seem to be made just for the JJT CO26 and put into place other then through the locker opening. I was told by our boat yard guy that mine tank is illegal the way it is set up. I am still interested in a 10 gal tank also but the smallest I could find was a 12 gals, which is what I have now. So if you find one that can easily be put into locker, please pass it along.


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Actually, I have been glued to the Vundee Globe Race, as they have been dropping like flies. Still 3rd place is still a race as is 5th and 6th place. After that I will get back to our Contessa'a 26. jklee


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I visit this site almost daily, seeing if anyone has something to say. I have a boat that needs new motor mounts and I am hoping that Bill - boatyard worker will be back this spring to help me through this adventure. I keep wondering how my boat is doing under all the snow up on Lake Erie, 2-hrs away.

I have a Cape Horn and enjoy it though I am still trying to learn how to set it correctly. When you sail Solo, it is a bear to set, but that maybe that I am a rookie on setting them. I have been dreaming about this problem also. When you put the Cape Horn on, make sure you have someone small to crawl into the back end of the boat to tighten up all the nuts and bolts. I got stuck one time when the boatyard worker had to leave while I was 3/4 of the way in the small back cockpit locker tighting a nut or two. Without someone to pull me straight up and out, I had to flap my legs and lower body in the air to wiggly myself out of the locker. No one saw this but it would have made you roll over laughing see two leg flopping in the air with upper body attached. It took 20 minutes to get out on my own and I was beat for the day. The second time I had to down there, I made sure the boatyard helper stayed and it only took a minute in and out to tighten up the last nuts, that were too far a stretch to get to and we did try that first. I will always remember that moment with my boat, as I almost became one with her on that warm day.


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Bluerider, I know the economy is down, but be careful with your price. That would be on the low end of the market for the boat for post 1983. If you see one you like at your price, make sure to get a good survey to look it over carefully, so you do not get a lot of unknown repairs, later.  Good Luck - jklee


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Sorry, no photo. I had my camera with me but forgot.

Understand the weather situation. I got to drive on snowy QEW all the way to New York the next morning and arrived home to 22cm to 26cm of new snow to shovel. We got another 8cm today to add to the wintry weather here. Hopefully next year we can get together.


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Just a note. We had a nice time on the 10th at the boatshow. It took some time to get a table but we got one right where we were standing. Interestingly from my stand point, I got to get two new boat owners and Sue, who I saw my first visit to Boatshow in 2006, but none from the first gathering in 2007:-( Back then I had the least sailing time for the summer, as I was a new owner but this time the most sail with only 7 last summer. Anyway, it was get seeing everyone and hope to see you on the site with more conversations. jklee